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We are a telecommunications solution provider helping businesses reduce costs on their Internet Access, Phone Services, VoIP, Wireless and Utility Services by collaborating with competitive providers to offer you custom package deals completely catered to your specific needs

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Communications Services

You have more options than you know. CBS Telecom opens a world of possibilities with extensive knowledge of competitive local exchange carrier programs. Working with a variety of companies, CBS Telecom provides businesses with the ultimate in economical calling packages. If you want the best available and least expensive service for your business, fill out a Phone Service Business Quote Request or call us toll free at 877-409-4099. Quotes are free with no obligation!

Unified Communications

Bring voice, SMS messaging, fax, social & more together in your phone system, and save money with Unified Communications as a Service.

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Reduce costs & increase operational efficiency, and get the control, performance, results, and save money with our wireless bill optimization.

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Bill Auditing

Take control of your business telecom spend with our no-obligation telecom bill audit, increase visibility of your telecom spend, and simplify your life.

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Help your business operate at full potential with our managed SD-WAN solutions using high network performance and secure connection.

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Take advantage of low energy costs to reduce your energy spend

Retail energy deregulation allows customers to switch from their utility to a competitive retail energy provider – “REPS”. Customers in deregulated states can cut their energy costs by finding REPs with better rates and/or contracting set rates for predetermined periods of time.

  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Fixed Rate Contract
  • No Installation fee and Simple Billing
  • Same Energy Sources

How Much Our Customers Save on Average

Interstate Lumber

Cell phone bill: $5,000/mo
Bill reduced by: 22%
1 year savings: $11,973

Lakeland Lumber

Cell phone bill: $2,733/mo
Bill reduced by: 38%
1 year savings: $12,000

Mr. T Carting

Cell phone bill: $2,500/mo
Bill reduced by: 28%
1 year savings: $8,400

Briarcliff UFSD

Cell phone bill: $3,400/mo
Bill Reduced by: 58%
1 year savings: $23,580

What Our Customers Are Saying

After getting the run around with Verizon and spending 2 hours on the phone, they finally located the new plan and changed G&F! The bill goes from $1610 to $690 +Tax. Hopefully, all will work well. Thanks Jack!

Frances Voulo RomaniGoldfarb & Fleece, Attorneys at Law

I find myself compelled to write about the work of CBS Telecom. In many respects, Jack Castaneda was able to help me find ways to save money and get better services for my company. Jack had helped with finding telephone services, cell phone services, and utility gas and and electric rates that saved a lot of money. CBS Telecom represents many different suppliers that offer great services that I could not get on my own. Jack is able to scour and find rates for phone lines and cell phone deals that people generally cannot find.

Working with Jack Castaneda is very easy going. He gets to the point of what you need and is very efficient in securing the right thing. He is responsive to concerns and fights on your behalf. The phone systems that I now use because of him are state-of-the-art and work great. The rates he gets on utility company rates has saved me thousands, and his cell phone plans also had saved a lot.

I would recommend CBS Telecom to anyone who needs these kind of services. The ease in which you can deal with the "Phone Jack" makes it painless because he can hook you up!

Gregory Sands President Ortho-Rite, Inc.