Reduce Your Monthly Charges

According to, a cell phone bill audit is “a methodical analysis of all phone and data services, from local and long distance charges to data services and competitor fees, which is also able to provide an analysis of how to save on your current charges.” CBS Telecom offers years of experienced bill auditing for both cell phone and landline bills at no up front cost to the customer. If we don’t save you money, we don’t get paid. Our fee is a percentage of the money SAVED on your improved phone bill.


CBS Telecom needs authorization before starting a phone bill audit. Please contact a representitive at 877-409-4099 so that we may answer questions and walk through the steps necessary to begin the audit.

No More Mysteries

CBS Telecom has years of experience sifting through complex telecom billing arrangements. We analyze the usage and needs of your company to see if your rates are justified. Our savvy professionals put the expenses under the magnifying glass – call volume, fees, surcharges, and other factors can increase your charges. Chances are, you are overpaying for phone service.


NYC Real Estate firm Bill reduced by: 42% – 1 year savings:



Westchester Law Firm, bill reduced by: 36% – 1 year savings:



NYC Bankruptcy Firm Received Verizon Refund Check for



Police/Fire/Rec Depts Bill reduced by: 27% – 1 year savings: