Take advantage of low energy costs to reduce your energy spend

Retail energy deregulation allows customers to switch from their utility to a competitive retail energy provider – “REPS”. Customers in deregulated states can cut their energy costs by finding REPs with better rates and/or contracting set rates for predetermined periods of time.

Why Now?

Natural gas, which is highly correlated to the cost of electricity, has recently declined to its lowest inflation adjusted price since it began trading in 1990. These recent lows are presenting business owners with an extraordinary opportunity to secure very low rates for natural gas and electricity.

Key Benefits

Reduce Energy Costs

By taking advantage of the competitive landscape and low energy costs, our clients are often seeing savings of 10% to 50% annually.

No Install and Simple Billing

Sourcing your energy through AppSmart provides a truly seamless experience. With no provisioning or installation, you’ll experience simplified single-source billing and no business disruption.

Fixed Rate Contract

With the expectation of volatility in the energy markets over the coming years, we can provide fixed cost energy to protect your business from this volatility and ensure easy budgeting.

Same Energy Sources

The energy we provide to your business comes from the same power grid as your existing utility providers, so there are no concerns regarding quality availability or supply.

How It Works


Get a free energy cost analysis by providing us with recent copies of your current energy bills.


We locate the best natural gas and electricity pricing and provide you with contract options and projected savings.


We take care of procurement and making sure there is a seamless switch over to the new provider.

Who Qualifies?

“From the minute I met this company I knew they knew what they were talking about. Their dedication and care to their clients and strategic partners really shows. I would
recommend them to anyone who is trying to create an energy efficient home or business over any other.”

- A.B. from Manufacturing Company

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